QMCPACK Release v3.14.0 - 2022-04-06

Download QMCPACK v3.14.0


This release focuses on performance improvements to the OpenMP target offload version for GPUs as well as ongoing minor improvements. The new GPU implementation rivals the legacy CUDA version for performance for broad range of problems while offering more functionality, such as three body Jastrow functions. Developers are very interested in feedback from users about the new version and will prioritize developments based on comments received. A new driver_version switch is introduced, currently optional, to disambiguate between the versions and their inputs.

  • New global driver_version switch to select between batched and legacy codes. This will become a required input tag in the next major release series of QMCPACK, but remains optional in 3.x versions #3897
  • Optimization of block sizes in GPU offload kernels #3910
  • GPU Offload of one-body Jastrow ratio calculation in pseudopotential evaluation #3905
  • GPU Offload of some Coulomb potential evaluations #3842
  • Partial GPU offload of multideterminant evaluation e.g. #3892
  • Increased performance via more selective distance table computation #3846
  • Improved performance on AMD GPUs via rocSOLVER integration #3756
  • HIP build options shown in output #3919
  • Documentation improvements, particularly relating to installation.
  • Various bug fixes and ongoing cleanup.


  • Nexus: proper use of max_seconds in legacy drivers #3877