Development SVN now available

Posted on Dec 23, 2015

To facilitate access to the most recent development version of QMCPACK a subversion repository is now available at

It can be obtained anonymously via

svn checkoutĀ

Once checked-out, updates can be made via the standard

svn update

This version is the day-to-day development source with the latest updates, bugfixes etc. For example, compared to the last full release this version has full support to download and patch Quantum Espresso v5.2.1 (see external_codes/quantum_espresso) and a test set is included to help validate the compilation.

We have also updated the build system – see the README for changes from the previous versions. CMake now only needs to be run once, build types are supported, and, e.g. we build directly on Cray machines without toolchains. Note that the full documentation is not yet synced to these changes. When this has been done we will make a new full release, including an update of the online documentation atĀ

Although we attempt to keep this version fully working, please be sure to run the tests before using in research!